Many North Korean troops are starving

Malnutrition is soaring in the North Korean military, and the parents of troops are stepping in to supply their children with food provisions, according to a Japanese press report.

Asia Press reported Monday North Korean authorities are responsible for the dire food situation in the Korean People's Army as Kim Jong Un presses forward with provocations, most recently a Fourth of July missile test.

Multiple sources in North Korea said in the wake of the state's "neglect," families are sending food to hungry soldiers.

"Because of the poor food situation in the military, parents are increasingly providing food for children in the service, instead of the state," the report says.

One source in a northern region of the country said there is evidence soldiers are going hungry.

"Sons and daughters who served in the military are very often returning home, owing to malnutrition," the source said. "The health of border guards in my area is weakening."
This could impact the North's ability to launch an infantry attack.  If it is having trouble feeding the troops in the country, the logistics of feeding them outside North Korea would be daunting.   I suspect if it came to that they would try to steal food in South Korea to survive.  South Korea should probably build traps for such a situation.


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