Iowa Sen. Grassley is the one to watch in the Trump-Russia investigation

Dean Zerbe:
Of particular relevance to today’s news is Grassley’s oversight of law enforcement and especially the FBI, something that Grassley has been doing since the earth cooled. His reputation for fearless tough questioning and oversight of the FBI and law enforcement is well known — just look at the root canal without anesthesia he performed on the FBI labs starting in the late 1990s.

It’s why I suspect the FBI and former FBI officials can’t run fast enough to stay away from hearings in front the Senate Judiciary Committee and seek to find friendlier forums.

Grassley is the one to watch because there is simply no moving him. The FBI tried to intimidate him years ago and got nowhere.

The Defense Department whispered about his patriotism — to no avail.

Senate leadership learned long ago that he cannot be dissuaded. Invariably it turns out that everyone Grassley investigates has a cousin from Iowa, went to school in Iowa or bought gas in Iowa – that gets you nowhere (although Grassley would invariably know your cousin).
Grassley is the guy who mentioned the connection between Fusion GPS and the Russian related parties at the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.  As much as the NY Times and Washington Post are trying to avoid this part of the story it suggests that the meeting was a set up by the same people who were responsible for the dirty dossier on Trump.  In other words, it looks like a political hit job by people paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Grassley is not one to let that slide.  It also could be why the Fusion people are dodging congressional hearings.


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