French President seems to understand Trump much better than the Democrats in Washington

Washington Post:
Why Macron might be the best bet to bring U.S. back to Paris climate deal

On June 1 Trump said he would be willing to renegotiate the terms to create “a new deal that protects our country and its taxpayers,” and the French leader may have managed to broach the subject during their recent visit.
Trump is prone to making exorbitant demands as his opening bid in a negotiation.  The beneficiaries of the deals he sees as bad for the US have failed to understand this and have rejected coming to terms that would be acceptable to both sides.

Marcon seems smarter and is willing to work with Trump to get to yes.  In the case of the Paris agreement, Trump is looking for a deal that will not do great harm to US industry and jobs.

The problem with the current deal is that it was negotiated by liberals who don't care about the people harmed by their requirements.  They are big government control freaks and people like Obama have been throttling US industry for years.

Many in the media would rather characterize Trump as someone who does not care about the environment than understanding he also cares about US workers.  This comes from the Democrats always arguing that people who disagree with them want to kill people.


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