Climate change proponents fearful of debate?

Washington Post:
EPA chief pushing governmentwide effort to question climate change science

Critics have called Scott Pruitt's bid to launch a broad effort to question the science of climate change an attempt to undermine the long-established consensus that human activity is fueling Earth’s rising temperatures.
Proponents of the global warming theory will not debate skeptics of their theory.  Instead, they engage in name calling like they are on a middle school playground but calling skeptics deniers rather than addressing the issues raised.  That is one reason they are losing the debate and more people are skeptical of the theory they are pushing.  Pruitt is right to push for that debate, and the proponents of the theory need to engage are they will only create more skeptics.

There are different levels of skepticism ranging from total disbelief to those who believe the situation is not nearly as dire as the proponents would have us believe.  The computer models of the proponents have continued to overstate the effects of CO2 and the proponents are unable to articulate which of their assumptions is invalid, but I suspect they are overstating the impact of CO2.

Historically during earlier warm periods before people were burning fossil fuels, the CO2 levels were also elevated.  That leads some to believe that the levels are an effect of warming and not the primary cause.


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