Why did FBI rely on Democrats and their contractor to determine the Russians were hacking?

Diana West:
About those Comey hearings.

Not one US senator asked former FBI Director James Comey to account for the sinister fact that the source of the explosive determination that “Russia hacked the DNC” computer system is a DNC contractor, not the FBI.

Not one US Senator asked why Comey’s FBI deferred to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s DNC when the DNC refused to permit FBI forensics specialists to examine the DNC computer system; or why the FBI was never able to examine John Podesta’s personal devices, either. Not one member of the Senate Intelligence Committe inquired as to why the DNC servers have not, after all of this time, ever been re-examined by the FBI; or whether it is just possible that this same DNC contractor putting forward the DNC/Russian hacking charge might have destroyed the DNC computer system.

The scene of the crime.

As mysterious and sensational as these unanswered questions are, so, too, are the reasons they have not been asked.
She is mainly questioning why the Senators never asked about this decision to accept the outside firm's findings without its own examination.

Typically to get evidence in the trial the FBI would have had to conduct its own forensic examination of the machines.  Apparently, the Democrats did not trust the FBI to do that, or they may have had other material on their computer system which could have revealed criminality on their part.


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