Whether 'climate change' is a hoax is not important to killing a bad deal

Washington Post:
Why won’t Trump say whether he believes in climate change?

On the campaign trail, he said it was a hoax. He has refused to answer questions about it since getting elected.
I suspect Trump want answer the reporters questions about this because he knows they want to be jerks about whether it is a hoax instead of focusing on the real issues of how bad the Paris deal was for the US while accomplishing nothing of value for the climate.

Spending trillions of dollars to lower the temperature .02 degrees decades from now was a fools errand that hurt the US taxpayers and job creators while giving China and India a pass.  It is possible to think the climate may be changing and still think that Obama agreed to another bad deal like his Iran fiasco.

It is also possible to think that liberals are using climate change to impose their control freak agenda on the economy by controlling the energy that has made us prosperous.  They try to mask theri agenda with moral preening about the weather.


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