Those desperate for a coup against President Trump disregard his exoneration

Washington Post:
Trump sees Comey’s testimony as ‘complete vindication’ — and his fans agree

The starkly different interpretation of the former FBI director’s testimony on the right provides another illustration of the deepening national divide over President Trump, whose approval ratings are mired in the mid- to high-30s amid the Russia probe and other controversies. Many legal experts warn that declaring Trump “vindicated” is premature at best and ignores the legal and political risks that he and his associates face.
I was not a Trump supporter through most of the campaign.  I eventually voted for him because it was the best way to vote against Hillary Clinton who I saw as an incompetent and radical figure who would do further damage to the country than even Obama had.

I have been deeply disappointed in the media and in the Democrats for not accepting the results of the election.  They are both engaged in a slow motion coup attempt to overturn the election because they do not like the results.

They slither from one excuse to the next to justify their animus toward the President.  With the bogus Russian collusion narrative crumbling for the lack of evidence to support it, they have pivoted to "obstruction of justice" for opposing a nonexistent case of collusion.

Comey should go down in history as the guy who leaked everything but the fact that the President was not under investigation.  That so many in the media see him as some sort of hero is mindboggling.  Reading the Washington Post since Trump's election reminds me of the fever swamps of the left's writing during the Bush administration.  It is a shame to see it sink to that level.


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