The rest of the world is left to pursue its fool's errand in dealing with earth's thermostat

NY Times:

Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift: The Chance for Global Leadership

In quitting the Paris climate accord, President Trump creates a vacuum of global leadership that gives allies and adversaries the chance to reorder the world’s power structure.
China is a country that has built ghost cities rather than a substantive economy.  It is a joke to expect the world's largest polluter to be a leader in reducing pollution.  The main problem with the Paris deal is that it would accomplish nothing at great expense to countries like the US.

It would cost trillions of dollars going mostly to rent-seeking businesses like those of Elon Musk and to third world dictators.  And the end result of these huge expenditures is nothing.  It would reduce the global temperature by less than a rounding error.  It is .01 degrees after 50 years of big spending for nothing.


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