The NY Times calls freedom 'stupid'?

NY Times Editorial:

States and Cities Compensate for Mr. Trump’s Climate Stupidity

The president is abdicating responsibility, but progress is possible despite him.
Anyone who thinks that the Paris bargain was a good deal can still knock themselves out with control freak regulations that make those states and cities less competitive, while those who disagree with it are free to choose how they will respond.

Big business in some cases liked the deal because it put their smaller competitors at a disadvantage.  Small businesses generally applauded the move.  They are now free to innovate and compete.

One of the serious problems with modern liberals is that they have lost the ability to comprehend alternative solutions to problems they perceive.  What they don't tell you is that so called leaders like China and also India were getting a free ride with the Paris deal while the US was stuck with the cost of subsidizing the inefficiencies of other countries.

Trillions were being wasted on the hope that the earth's temperature could be reduced by .02 degrees around a hundred years from now.  Talk about stupid.


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