The left's war on discourse is behind much of the violence--Greg Gutfeld

Kicking off The Five, Greg Gutfeld slammed Nancy Pelosi, or as he called her “Nancy Pants,” for saying that Republicans started the “politics of personal destruction” back in the 90s with the Clintons.

“Sorry lady,” Gutfeld reacted, “the politics of destruction started way before that and it’s back for one reason: the attacks on discourse.”

He stated that discourse “keeps us from killing each other.”

Gutfeld then went on to ask the following questions.

“Are conservatives the ones shouting people down on campus? Are conservatives blockading offices and physically attacking speakers? Are conservatives rioting after elections? Are conservatives harassing professors for calling out racism? Are conservatives stabbing police horses? Are they throwing urine on women?”

He answered his own line of questioning with, “This attack on discourse isn’t a right-wing thing; it’s a left-wing thing.”

“I don’t know one rightie who wears a Che [Guevara] shirt, but I remember Bill Ayers,” he continued. “He set off bombs. Who’s side is he on again? It’s the same side targeting dissent with violence now. Their premise is simple: if they think you’re evil, not just wrong, then there can be no dialogue and only violence.
It is also the left that has been engaged in homicidal fantasies toward President Trump and Republicans.   Democrats cannot be deaf to what their own followers are saying.


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