Test show no evidence of botulism in American released from North Korean captivity

Daily Mail:

Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center say that Otto Warmbier has suffered an 'extensive loss of brain tissue'. They also said there's no evidence that he had botulism, as the North Korean regime has claimed. The 22-year-old was released by North Korea this week, after 17 months of detainment. Shortly before he was released, the North Koreans claimed that he had been in a coma for most of that time because of botulism and a sleeping pill he took. At a press conference held at Otto's old high school in Wyoming, Ohio, on Thursday his dad Fred condemned the North Koreans for what they did. He also called out the Obama Administration for not doing enough to secure his son's release. Fred disputed botulism story and said his son had been brutalized. Mr Warmbier wore the same jacket to the press conference that his son wore to court in North Korea last year, when he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.
I would like to see more lab work done to determine if some biological weapon was used to induce him into his current state.  It is unlikely he could have gotten in that condition from "natural causes."


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