Sen. Cotton asks Sessions the most pertinent question about the Democrat witch hunt

Cotton, along with Rubio have been asking the most clear thinking questions in this ridiculous Russian conspiracy theory the Democrats have come up with to justify their coup attempt against the President.

Here is what Rubio said after the hearing:
Sen. Rubio, too, summed things up neatly in an interview after the hearing. “I challenge you to find a single Senator who says they have evidence of collusion,” he said to reporters. There were no takers.
I suspect that much of the animosity toward AG Sessions by the Democrats on the panel was their abject failure to find a scintilla of evidence to support their conspiracy theory.

BTW, Sen. Kamala Harris of California was at it again doing what some trial lawyers call "mad dogging" the witness by asking belligerent questions in a rapid fire "dialog" that leaves no time for the witness to answer.  She has been admonished for this unprofessional conduct before but can't seem to contain her hostility toward witnesses who don't agree with her take.

To sum up, the suggestion that Sessions colluded with the Russians is just ridiculous.


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