Gunman appears to have been staunch Democrat

Washington Post:
Gunman repeatedly criticized Republican lawmakers for favoring ‘super rich’

James Hodgkinson, who volunteered for Sen. Bernie Sanders, appeared to have stayed in the Alexandria area for at least the last six weeks and made repeat visits to the YMCA across from the shooting site.
He seemed deeply steeped in standard Democrat rhetoric.  Democrats in the arts and academia have been expressing their fantasy of an assassination of Trump or GOP congressmen recently so it is not that far removed to think one of the parties ardent supporters would act on that fantasy.

It was also interesting to see Democrats in a prayerful mood for a change.  When ISIS terror attacks in California and Florida engaged in mass murders they rejected Republicans statement of keeping the victims in their prayers.

Also, this is very different from the Gabby Giffords attack by a nonpartisan psychopath which Democrats tried to blame on Sarah Palin.


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