Do robots come with tattoos and piercings?

Washington Post:
Some are worried Amazon will replace Whole Foods workers with robots. Should they be?

Whole Foods is known for a personal touch. Amazon, which announced plans to buy the grocery chain, is known for its dependence on machines — and it opened a store last year that can detect someone leaving with, say, a carton of milk and bill their Amazon account without any human interaction.
My wife loves Whole Foods and I don't.

While the hippies who work there are OK and helpful, the food seems grossly overpriced compared to Texas's largest grocer HEB.

Amazon's "pantry" items are generally packaged convenience foods such as cereal and crackers and some can goods which are not what people go to Whole Foods for.  I think blending the two will not be easy,

But if you are into body graffiti and piercings, Whole Foods is right up there with the restaurant staff you see on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Chanel.


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