Democrats double down on failed rationed healthcare model

NY Times:

Single-Payer Party? Democrats Shift Left on Health Care

Liberal Democrats have pressed lawmakers to support a single-payer health care system, and supporters say the party has moved further left on the issue.
They appear to want the rest of the US to suffer the same indignities and poor results as the VA healthcare system which is also a single payer system.  Countries that have gone with single payer have long waits for treatments and even routine testing.  Such a system would also lead to less innovation and new treament as the medical profession would cut back on research in order to keep up with the "free" treatment of illnesses and trauma cases.

There is a reason why people from the rest of the world come to the US for the treatment of difficult illnesses.   Single payer just does not provide good care.  As California is discovering with its push for single payer it will cost more than the state budget and give worse outcomes for patients.


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