Colleges mistreatment of men in sexual assault cases leads to more litigation

Charlotte Observer:
More men named in college sex assault cases are taking their accusers to court
I have noted before how ill-suited colleges and universities are for handling these matters.  Many of them routinely deny the accused due process rights including the right to an attorney and the ability to cross-examine their accuser.  What they should be required to do is turn the matter over to local law enforcement such as a district attorney's office to determine if there is sufficient evidence of a crime.

Now attorneys for the accused are suing their accuser alleging defamation which at least gets the matter in front of a real court and not some campus star-chamber proceeding.  Colleges who thought they were protecting the accusers now find those same accusers having to pay attorney fees to defend themselves.  If the case had been turned over to the DA's office, to begin with, this could have been avoided and both sides would have had a better chance of getting due process.


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