Voter fraud inquiry going forward

NY Times:

Trump to Order Voter Fraud and Suppression Inquiry

President Trump plans to name Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state who has focused on strict voting laws, as vice chairman of a commission, an official said.
There have been several recent prosecutions for vote fraud on which they can draw.  But they can also draw on the analytics developed by True the Vote, the voter integrity group that Democrats in Congress targeted in the IRS abuse cases involving Tea Party organizations.

True the Vote got started by checking voter roles in Houston and Harris Couty Texas.  They found such things as multiple voters giving vacant lots as their address or store fronts where no one had ever heard of them.

There have also been videos by Project Veritas where Democrat leaders admitted to busing voters from one precinct to another so they could vote multiple times.

One of the abuses also used by Democrats is same day registrations.  There are allegations that people from Chicago were bussed into Milwaukee to vote when Wisconsin had same day registration.


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