US needs to become Europe's primary gas supplier

National Interests:
The U.S. should become Europe’s top gas supplier so American allies are no longer dependent on Russian energy, former CIA Director Michael Hayden told the Senate Thursday.

Hayden, who is also a former NSA chief, made his suggestion in response to a question from Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson regarding a potential U.S. response to Russia’s activities in the U.S.

“I would respond across the board,” said Hayden. Specifically, he suggested a strategic solution would be to get Europe off its Russian energy dependence.

“And I think I’d have the president fly up to Eerie, get in a motorcade, stand on top of Marcellus shale and [say] ‘this is going to Europe, this gas is going to wean our European friends off their dependence of Russian energy,'” said Hayden. ‘”And we’re going to do that in ten years.'”

Marcellus shale refers the Marcellus formation in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and southern New York, considered one of the largest available sources of natural gas in the U.S.

Gazprom, a Russian government-backed energy company, is Europe’s largest provider of gas, supplying nearly a third in 2015. Europe’s over-reliance on Russian energy is at odds with the EU and NATO’s desire to push back against Russia’s aggressive policies. Russia has used gas as a weapon against Europe before, most notably in 2006 and 2009 when Gazprom ceased shipping through Ukraine in the middle of winter.
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If Democrats were really serious about dealing with Russia they would have embraced this idea while Obama was in office.  Trump should make that point when he pushes this strategic use of US shale gas.   It is a point I have been making for years.

The opposition to drilling by the anti-energy left empowers Russia and other people who do not have US interests at heart.  Thos opposed to these LNG operations are aiding and abetting the Russian domination of our European allies energy supplies.


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