Trump's opponents are his best asset

Derek Hunter:
Liberals appear to have a lack of self-control when it comes to all things Trump. Every move, every tweet is a threat to democracy, an affront to humanity, and surely will lead to the end of life as we know it. There’s no proportionality. When a 5 would do, they turn it up to 11. They can’t help it.

Simply shutting up would serve them better than what they’re doing, but they’re incapable.

No conspiracy, no anonymous source is too far-fetched to be believed about the president.

This week saw the media fall flat on their faces time and again. Anonymous sources wove conspiracies of Comey requesting more money to expand the Russia investigation just before being fired and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatening to resign if his letter was used as justification for its sole purpose for being.

The funding story was undercut by Interim Director Andrew McCabe’s testimony before the Senate, and the resignation tale was destroyed from the mouth of Rosenstein himself.

Anonymous sources, it seems, are the order of the day. One Washington Post story involved 30 of them; 30! That’s five more than a major league baseball roster.

As if whispers from the shadows weren’t enough, many have taken to simply lying. The truth is bad enough sometimes, but to be compelled to lie on top of it must be some sort of disorder.
There is much more.

I think McCabe also severely damaged the Democrats theory of an impeachment case against Trump based on obstruction of justice.  What McCade said was that the firing of Comey would not effect the investigation which was ongoing. If it had no effect on the investigation there is no obstruction of justice at all.

This was a point the media tried to hide by focusing instead on inconsequential inconsistencies in Trump's explanation for his actions.  It was classic misdirection by the media while ignoring what should have been obvious.  The Democrats don't have a case against Trump for firing Comey which he can do at any time for any reason.


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