Trump administration calls for more sanctions against North Korea after missile test

NY Times:

North Korea Tests Missile; White House Calls for Action

  • The missile launched Sunday morning, flew 430 miles and landed in the ocean, a first test for South Korea’s new president.
  • The White House said North Korea had been “a flagrant menace for far too long” and called for stronger sanctions
As noted an earlier post the missile that was fired could threaten US forces on Guam, as well as threaten South Korea and Japan.

I also suspect that the Democrats ridiculous Russian conspiracy attack against Trump has emboldened the North Koreans to think that the US is too divided to respond to their provocations.

Despite all the hysteria of Democrats and their cohorts in the media, the Trump administration has so far handled its foreign policy pretty effectively.  They have not gotten enough credit for spurring China to crack down on the Norks and Trump has kept them in the picture by offering the negotiations that China hopes will settle the matter.  The Noth Korean are so far resisting both the pressure and negotiation China has called for.


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