The self destruction of the news media

Joel Kotkin:
When you pick up a great newspaper like the New York Times, it is sometimes shocking how openly partisan the coverage tends to be. For example, when President Donald Trump unveiled his new tax plan, the headline was not about the proposal per se, but rather how it would serve the wealthy. This may indeed be the case, but such an approach would traditionally be the role of the editorial pages — not the Page 1 headline writers.

This approach oddly actually plays exactly into the president’s hands at a time when, according to a September Gallup poll, confidence in the media stands at a historic low of 32 percent, down from 55 percent in 1999. Even if they don’t like Trump, most Americans are turned off by the relentless negativity.
By treating Trump and his administration unfairly, the media has become less effective.  Millions are tuning it out as a biased source of information and looking for alternatives.  Ironically, if they were fairer, they would probably get more consumers and at the same time better make their case.


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