The Democrats and their absurd Russian conspiracy theories

Jack Kerwick:
First, observers should note that none of these conspiracy theorists have ever spelled out what they think occurred between Trump and Putin. They throw around the term “collusion” without ever specifying any other details. There’s a good reason for this:

They know that if they actually specified what they are thinking—or, more precisely, what they want for Americans to think—they would be exposed for the shameless, deceitful partisan hacks they are.

After all, the Democrats and the GOP NeverTrumpers expect for the rest of us to believe that, together, Trump and Putin “colluded” to enable the former―a man ridiculed and mocked by his enemies as a buffoon and clown right up until election night―to prevail over Hillary Clinton in a decisive Electoral College win.

Julian Assange insists that there was no “hacking” of DNC emails, that a Democratic Party insider (undoubtedly a discontented Bernie Sanders supporter) leaked them. Nevertheless, even assuming, for argument’s sake, that Russians are guilty on this score, the Russophobic war mongers in the Democrat and Republican parties want for us to think that by way of arranging for Wikileaks to make public their contents, Putin enabled Trump to win 30 of 50 states and more than 2,600 of America’s 3,100 counties—including 220 or so counties that voted for Obama in 2012.

If only Putin hadn’t intervened, Clinton would be president right now and Trump would have lost by the 12 points or so that all of the “experts,” as recently as days before Election Day, assured us would be the outcome.

The vast left-wing conspiracists also want for us to overlook that if their insinuations are correct, this convicts Barack Obama and his party of gross incompetence. Given their expressions of certitude until the 11th hour that Clinton would clean Trump’s clock, they clearly had no clue that a hostile foreign power was “undermining” the integrity of our electoral process right under their collective nose.

How, on their watch, was Putin able to sabotage their electoral prospects and subvert the votes of the nearly 60 million or so Deplorables who, according to the (il)logic of the conspiracy theory, would otherwise have voted for Clinton?

Yet, somehow, Putin and the buffoon “colluded” so as to make all of this happen.
There is a serious problem with this theory.   They have no evidence to support it and if they did we would have heard it by now.  It is a theory without even a common thread of coherence.


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