Ted Cruz to offer a simple repeal and replace bill for Obmacare

Washington Examiner:
A member of the Senate Republican healthcare working group is working to build support for an alternative to the House-passed Obamacare repeal bill, one that allows for cross-state insurance purchases, and includes medical malpractice reform, health savings accounts and the expansion of association health plans.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also wants to pass just one bill to get the job done, not two, as currently planned by House Republican leaders.

Cruz said he has been working for weeks with the now-thirteen member group of GOP senators on an Obamacare repeal and replacement plan that would eliminate the need for a second phase of legislation to replace failing healthcare law. Instead of a limited repeal and replace bill followed by another bill later, the GOP wish-list for replacing Obamacare would be packed into a single budget resolution to repeal Obamacare that could pass with only GOP support using a tool called reconciliation.
I like this plan.  I hope his GOP colleagues will also embrace it.  The cross-state insurance plan would bring more competition to the marketplace, and portability provisions would render the issue of preexisting conditions moot for most people.  The malpractice reform would reduce cost.  The health saving accounts would also help people deal with the high deductibles that are present in many current plans under Obamacare.


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