Reporters can be jailed in some instances for failure to reveal their soruces

NY Times:

Trump’s Urging That Comey Jail Reporters Denounced as an ‘Act of Intimidation’

News organizations expressed outrage Wednesday over a report that President Trump asked the former F.B.I. director to consider imprisoning journalists who published classified government information.
Courts view this as a way to encourage cooperation with a criminal investigation.  Leakers who engage in criminal acts are not immune from prosecution and those who have information about their identity can be ordered by a court to reveal it.

If the reporter refuses to cooperate the judge can order them jailed until such time as they do cooperate.  I think it would be up to the DOJ to pursue this remedy if the FBI deemed it important to find the culprit.

I think Trump's problem with Comey and the FBI is they were not that interested in finding the leakers for some reason.  One reason might have been because members of the FBI were possibly some of the leakers.  That certainly appears to be the case with the recent story about Comey's self-serving memos to his files.


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