Media Trump madness leads to meltdown

Andrew Klaven:
Really, this is ridiculous. A hysterical Democrat press echoes hysterical Democrats making them even more hysterical. They compare Donald Trump's firing of Jim Comey to when Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox in an attempt to cover up the Watergate scandal. But there are two big differences. One, there's no scandal — and two, if there were, there'd be no trustworthy press to report it.

After eight years of lying belly up like a panting puppy while Barack Obama abused the IRS, corrupted the Justice Department, and mishandled the Middle East, journalists with zero credibility wonder why no one takes their breathless Trump madness seriously.

And Trump trolls the idiots without mercy. You think I'm like Nixon? Here's a photo op of me with Henry Kissinger. You think I'm in league with the Russians? Guess it's time for a meeting with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister. With every move he makes he is saying to journalists what all of us wanted to say to them when they slandered Mitt Romney or beleaguered George W. Bush with non-scandal scandals. I can't write those words here, but one of them's "Go" and another's "yourself." You figure it out.

Anonymous sources say Comey was asking for more money for his Russia probe. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe says no. People close to the Justice Department say Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit because Trump cited him in his decision. Rosenstein says it never happened. Sources in the FBI say morale is at a new low because of Comey's firing — but the press has been reporting the FBI's morale low for months because of Comey's actions!

Remember the Watergate reporters meeting Deep Throat in a garage and then painstakingly backing up his assertions with high-level sources until a phalanx of editors felt they had the story solid? These modern clowns are in the garage talking to the parking valet and then running with it. Jose says Trump's going to be impeached! What a bunch of knuckleheads.
There is more.

Klaven is spot on in his critique of the media handling of this story and its kneejerk reaction to President Trump.  The intelligence community keeps saying that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, and Democrats seem unable to take that at face value, even though the actions of the Trump administration since the election also show no collusion with Russians on policy issues.

McCabe scorched the Democrats' theory of the case against Trump and they just ignored that and grasped at small points where he also contradicted some of the assertions by the Trump administration in discussing the firing.  What he said was that the firing would have no effect on the investigation.  They have gotten to the point where they can't even take the word of a Democrat if it does not fit their narrative.


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