Media seems surprised that Trump voters do not agree with them on Comey

NY Times:

Trump Voters on Comey’s Ouster: Cheers and Fears

In Dahlonega, Ga., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Media, Pa., most Trump voters said they saw little reason to question the firing of the F.B.I. director. However, a few were concerned.
While I was not a Trump supporter during the primaries, I did vote against Hillary Clinton in the election and I do not regret that vote.  Trump has done better than I thought he would in many areas and his undisciplined tongue occasionally cause him grief, but I have come to see that as a minor problem.

One of the things that lead me to think he is doing the right thing in most cases is the unrelenting hostility of the Democrats and the media.  Their hostility is so over the top that they actually confirm his support in the minds of many.  By treating him unfairly the media and the Democrats continue to lose credibility.

The Russia conspiracy theories are a case in point.  The allegations of collusion are not only unfounded, but refuted by American intelligence, yet they persist in pushing this narrative in an attempt to distract the Trump administration.  It is a bad faith move by Democrats that the media is aiding and abetting.


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