Media running with disputed claim that Comey asks for more resources of Russia wild goose chase

NY Times:

Comey Had Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry

Last week, Mr. Comey had asked a Justice Department official for more prosecutors to accelerate the F.B.I.’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling.
While neither the media or the government have any evidence of someone from the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians about the election, the Democrats and their cohorts keep pushing this fantasy in a bid to distract the Trump administration from governing.

I think the Democrats are acting in bad faith to distract from the fact that their policies were rejected by voters for whom those policies did not work.  The media seems to be going along because it hates Republican administrations and attacks them unfairly.

The Democrats and the media can not give us one name of someone from the Trump campaign who actually colluded with the Russians on the election.  It can give us a few random contacts which are entirely normal and have nothing to do with collusion.  There is no evidence to investigate.  All there is are Democrats looking for excuses for losing and trying to destroy the President.

The allegation that Comey asked for additional resources is disputed.  He apparently told some Senators that he had, but the DOJ says it did not happen.  So we have hearsay testimony from the Senate and direct testimony from the DOJ refuting the hearsay.  To be fair the media should say in its headline that the allegation is disputed.


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