McCade contradicts the media and they focus on his disputing claims made by White House

NY Times:

Acting Director Contradicts White House on F.B.I. Inquiry

  • In Senate testimony, Andrew G. McCabe called the investigation into Russian election meddling “highly significant.”
  • He also rejected the White House’s claim that James B. Comey, the former director, had lost the backing of F.B.I. agents.
Yesterday's lead story in both the NY Times and Washington Post was allegations that Comey had asked for more resources to deal with the Russian investigation and Democrats and liberals in the media seized on this to allege that Trump fired him for that.

McCabe said the investigation was adequately resourced and did not need additional funds.  We also found out today that the media got the story wrong when it said that Rosenstein threatened to resign after the firestorm erupted over the firing.

Trump seems to have the remarkable ability to make his adversaries in the media and in Congress overreact to his actions and thereby, they are the ones losing credibility.  I suspect that is why they did not correct yesterday's story with the same prominence with which they reported it.

In their defense, they were apparently relying on people in Congress who were either misinformed or possible mislead by Comey.  I doubt we will see a story explaining how they got it wrong.


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