Liberals prevail in France by suppressing the news

NY Times:

Why Hackers Failed to Sway the French Vote for President

  • News of a hacking attack on the Macron campaign days before the French election lit up social media, especially in the United States.
  • But in France, the fallout was contained, partly because of a news blackout, and partly because France lacks an equivalent to Fox News.
Not many people in France are aware that the Muslim car-burning cult has engaged in roughly 40,000 car burnings in recent years.  Other European media suppresses stories of Muslim terrorist attacks when they are not so spectacular as to draw outside media.  Europe today is not a truly free society with freedom of expression.

The fact is that the hack hit so late in the campaign that even if there were a media that could report on it, it was too late to do an analysis of its content.  Many EU governments are still trying to suppress the news of the criminal activity associated with the Muslim migration into Europe.  There is a pretension of "all is well" while the migrants burrow into ghettos and refuse to assimilate.


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