It is not obstruction of justice to fire someone

Washington Post:
Trump’s words add fuel to questions about legality of firing Comey

In a television interview and on Twitter, the president in the past two days has given ammunition to arguments by some legal experts that his actions constitute a possible case of obstruction of justice — a central charge in the impeachment proceedings against two presidents in the last 43 years.
This suggestion by Democrats is delusional and shows their ignorance of the Constitution.  It cannot be obstruction of justice to do something the constitution legally authorizes you to do.  Comey himself has said that Trump could fire him for any reason at all or no reason.

Acting FBI head McCabe testified to Congress that the firing would not impede their investigation of the Democrats' mythical charges of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Karen Tumulty is a good reporter who has been assigned a ridiculous story by her editors at the Post.  The Post's anti-Trump obsession has led it to become an unfair arbiter of what is news.  It seems intent on proving to Trump supporters everything negative about the media that they believe.

Since McCabe has destroyed their theory of the case against Trump they just ignore what he said and keep pushing Democrat absurdities.


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