It is clear that Democrats are making up stuff about new healthcare bill

Washington Post:
Can the GOP sell its proposal to a skeptical public?

Few people outside the House fully understand the fine print of the new bill, and it’s likely many in the House aren’t totally fluent on the contents either.
Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris said there were 129 million Americans with preexisting conditions.   In the real world, not as many people applied for the preexisting conditions portion of Obamacare as the plan provide.  Obamacare set aside a pool to cover 250,000 people and fewer than that actually applied for the "coverage."

This is not surprising.  Democrats lied to sell Obamacare and they are lying to try to kill the replacement bill while Obamacare continues to crumble with fewer companies providing insurance to the individual market.  Obamacare's absurd mandates have driven up the cost for people on the individual market to where some of them are now paying more than their mortgage payments for coverage that is virtually worthless because the deductibles are also too high.

The media has done a poor job of fact-checking the bogus claims of the Democrats.  They have a knack for saying some statements by President Trump are "unfounded" but it is rare to see that used on bogus claims by Democrats.

The bottom line is that when it comes to healthcare, Democrats lie a lot.


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