Iran's rule by Islamic religious bigots gives no room for optimism in coming election

NY Times:

Iranians Hold Little Hope That Election Will Lift Fortunes

Few in Iran, where roughly 8 million are unemployed, are optimistic that Friday’s presidential election will help end a cycle of poverty and turn around a dysfunctional economy.
The genocidal religious bigots who rule Iran are repressive despots who openly hope to wipe out entire populations who reject their weird religious beliefs.  The main reason they hate the Jews and Israel is because the Jews rejected Islam, and they are completely intolerant toward those who do not accept their beliefs.  Iranians have suffered greatly under this tyrannical regime and there is little hope for change since the so-called moderates are anything but.

The US wasted an opportunity to help the people of Iran when Obama refused to help the real moderates who rebelled against a stolen election.  He then compounded that error by doing a disastrous deal with Iran that enriches the bad guys and makes them more able to launch ICBM's when the moratorium on their nuclear weapons expires in a few years.


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