Intel officials say media mislead with its story about Trump sharing secrets with Russia

Washington Times:
Intel officials scoff at hype over Trump’s reported sharing of information with Russians

“First of all, it was the Obama administration that started the policy of intelligence-sharing with the Russians about the specific problem of ISIS in Syria, and there was no secret that such sharing was going on,” said the official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “Second, the president can say whatever he wants because he’s the president — assuming he said something sensitive, that’s entirely up to his judgment.”

Another former high-level intelligence official said social media and television news hype spawned by an article that The Washington Post published Monday smacks of hypocrisy, given the relative lack of public outcry over documented intelligence gaffes under the previous administration.
I still think the hysteria generated by the media is in concert with Democrat attempts to provoke a coup against the President.  They seem to openly push for the GOP to join them in the coup attempt.


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