Independent investigators lost credibility after the Scooter Libby prosecutrion

NY Times:

Firing Fuels Calls for Independent Investigator, Even From Republicans

Democrats have said for months that an independent prosecutor should look into any links between Trump associates and Russia, but now Republicans are joining in.
I thought the Libby case was a travesty that never should have been brought over the fake Plame scandal.  Obama was caught in much more egregious scandals such as Fast and Furious and the IRS abuses of Tea Party groups and never agreed to an independent counsel and thus avoided prosecutions for misdeeds by his administration.  The investigations of Bill Clinton, who by the way fired the FBI chief in the middle of it, also made Democrats wary of independent prosecutors.

If Trump is smart, and I think he is, he will disregard these calls.

I think the Russia issue is another fake scandal perpetrated by Democrats to distract the Trump administration and act as an excuse for voter rejection of the Democrats failed policies.  Their bad faith is palpable and the fact that a few GOP senators are wishy-washy is not persuasive on this issue.  They seem to be the usual suspects when it comes to criticizing the President.


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