GOP has few profiles in courage opposing the intel-Democrat coup attempt

Washington Examiner:
Republicans in Congress fear President Trump could torpedo their majorities if he doesn't save his White House from constant crisis and pivot to the issues voters elected him to deal with.

Trump has been besieged by his handling of the firing of James Comey, reports he had previously pressured the FBI director to drop the investigation of national security adviser Mike Flynn, and the discovery that he shared classified information with Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting.

Republicans have grown accustomed to Trump's tumult, tending to downplay it because the president has weathered past challenges that might have sunk conventional politicians. But this is different, lawmakers and GOP strategists conceded Tuesday, in interviews with the Washington Examiner.

"You have this White House that is lurching from crisis to crisis, the image is of disarray – they can't get their hands around the basic day-to-day agenda, and define the progress they have made" Republican pollster David Winston said. "One of the things that the president has is the bully pulpit; the bully pulpit lets you drive the agenda and these crises haven't let the White House effectively get there."

"This is concerning and alarming," Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., said flatly. "We're going to have to confront these issues as a Congress."

Republicans see red flags because foreign policy and national security are at the center of the crises that have engulfed Trump over the past seven days.
This strikes me as another reason Trump needs to move fast to appoint a special prosecutor to find the leakers and prosecute them.  The Democrats are counting on scaring the GOP members into supporting their coup attempt.


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