Global warmists keep projecting that world is only a few years from doom

Washington Post:
Earth could break through a major climate threshold in the next 15 years, study says

The scientists’ warning comes as the Trump administration debates whether to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.
What is with these scientists who are always projecting doom just around the corner.  For the last 30 years or so they have been saying we are just a few years from catastrophe, yet here we are with mostly nice weather and healthy green foliage.  New York City was supposed to be underwater by now according to some "scientists."  The Arctic was supposed to be ice free by now, but so far the Northwest Passage is still not happening.

These people are starting to have less credibility than a seven-day weather forecast.  They are starting to have the same credibility as those who predict the end of the world on religious grounds.


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