French candidate for President hacked

NY Times:

‘Massive’ Hack Targets Macron on the Eve of French Election

  • On the eve of the most consequential French presidential election in decades, the staff of the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron said his campaign had been targeted by a hacking operation that published a trove of internal documents.
  • The operation was “clearly” an attempt at “democratic destabilization,” the statement said, before voters go to the polls on Sunday.
The French government is trying to suppress the information revealed in the attack.   In recent days Macron has also been accused of having an offshore bank accountant and some have suggested that some of the material in the alleged hack supports that contention.

This charge seems to mimic one Democrats made against Romney in the 2012 election.  It is not clear to me that there is anything illegal about having offshore accounts, but some see political gain by making such charges.


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