Failed Nork missile launch was destroyed in flight because it was heading for Russia?
NORTH Korea’s failed missile was reportedly headed towards Russia, but was detonated, prompting Vladimir Putin to put his country on high alert.

Pyongyang test-fired the ballistic weapon on Saturday despite calls from the US and others to curb its nuclear trials.

Seoul Economy Daily reports that the KN-17 weapon travelled 48 kilometres before officials exploded it after fears it was fired at Russia by accident.

“If the ballistic missile that flew to the northeastern region had not failed, it would have been a harbour point or a Russian territory,” the paper claims. “It is for this reason that North Korea intentionally destroyed the missile.”

A source is quoted as saying the launch target was “different from the previous direction” and that “in the past, we fired 89-90 degrees to the east, and the projectile fell off the East Sea. But the angle of this shot was 49 degrees.”

Russia’s chairman of defence and security, Victor Ozerov, reportedly said its air defences in its eastern territories had been put on high alert.
This also may explain why Trump had a recent conversation with Russian President Putin.  It would have been an opportunity to discuss the danger of allowing North Korea to continue its nuclear missile program.  The two apparently also discussed implementing another cease-fire within Syria.


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