Does Democrat Senator have more business ties to Russia than Trump?

Got News:
Virgina Democratic Senator and #1 Trump-Russia conspiracy theorist Mark Warner made more than $6 million from Russian tech company Yandex in 2012, representing almost 10% of his entire $80 million net worth, according to the Christian Science Monitor. The revelation further calls into question Warner’s role in the ongoing witch hunt for President Trump’s Russian connections.

As far as we know, President Donald J. Trump has made 0% of his net worth from Russian companies. Maybe Warner should investigate his own ties to Russia.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is blocking the White House from appointing a Treasury Department official to oversee financial crimes committed by terrorists.

Warner, worth over $80 million, is one of the Senate’s richest members.

Yandex, based in Moscow, is the largest search engine in Russia. Russia’s social policies around gender, as well as its backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Crimean secession, have proved enormously controversial among Democrats.
Meanwhile, Trump told Lester Holt in his NBC News interview that he had no business in Russia and owned no property there.
Trump replied that he had just sent a letter from "one of the most prestigious law firms in the country" about not having anything to do with Russia, to Graham, R-S.C., who is a member of the Armed Services and Judiciary committees.

"I have no investments in Russia, none whatsoever. I don't have property in Russia," he said.

The president claimed many people "thought" he owned office building in Russia and stressed that he has filed "hundreds of pages worth of documents" with the Federal Elections Bureau.

Trump explained further: "I have had dealings over the years where I sold a house to a very wealthy Russian many years ago. I had the Miss Universe pageant, which I owned for quite a while. I had it in Moscow long time ago, but other than that I have nothing to do with Russia."
I am coming to the conclusion that the Democrat obsession with Russia is a deliberate distraction aimed at making it hard for the President to pursue the agenda voters elected him to do.  It is a bad faith effort on their part.  The credibility of the Democrats and their media cohorts is in great jeopardy if they continue this bogus witch hunt.


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