Democrats shocked to learn that their polices aren't helping their former base

Greg Sargeant:
One finding from the polling stands out: A shockingly large percentage of these Obama-Trump voters said Democrats’ economic policies will favor the wealthy — twice the percentage that said the same about Trump. I was also permitted to view video of some focus group activity, which showed Obama-Trump voters offering sharp criticism of Democrats on the economy.

The poll found that Obama-Trump voters, many of whom are working-class whites and were pivotal to Trump’s victory, are economically losing ground and are skeptical of Democratic solutions to their problems. Among the findings:

  • 50 percent of Obama-Trump voters said their incomes are falling behind the cost of living, and another 31 percent said their incomes are merely keeping pace with the cost of living.
  • A sizable chunk of Obama-Trump voters — 30 percent — said their vote for Trump was more a vote against Clinton than a vote for Trump. Remember, these voters backed Obama four years earlier.
  • 42 percent of Obama-Trump voters said congressional Democrats’ economic policies will favor the wealthy, vs. only 21 percent of them who said the same about Trump. (Forty percent say that about congressional Republicans.) A total of 77 percent of Obama-Trump voters said Trump’s policies will favor some mix of all other classes (middle class, poor, all equally), while a total of 58 percent said that about congressional Democrats.

“If you felt like your life wasn’t getting better over eight years, then you might draw a conclusion that Democrats don’t care about you,” Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA, told me in an interview. “Certainly a subset of these voters were responsive to what Trump was selling them on immigration. But you had a lot of consistency with the Obama-Trump voters … in terms of the severe economic anxiety they face.”
There is more.

My guess is that Democrats still don't get why their policies resulted in the decline in the standard of living for these voters.  But Trump is right on point in dealing with the onerous cost of Democrat control freak regulations and their putting their carbon phobia ahead of jobs.

Their climate change agenda has been largely a job-killing program under the pretense to switching to a green economy.  But the green economy has been largely a failure, with companies Democrats favor getting windfall grants to squander while real jobs on pipelines and in the fossil fuel businesses were suppressed.

Sending out marchers to do more about climate change and others to wear caps of women's genitals is not likely to bring these voters back.  Beating up Trump supporters is also not going to change minds about the direction of the Democrats.


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