CIA looking at supporting an insurrection inside North Korea?

Bill Gertz:
CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed the potential for fomenting an insurrection against the Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea with a high-level defector, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

The meeting between Pompeo and Thae Yong Ho, one of the highest-ranking North Korean officials to defect to South Korea, took place during the CIA director's visit to South Korea earlier this month.

Disclosure of the meeting between the CIA chief and the defector comes as tensions remain high on the peninsula because of increased Trump administration concern about North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems
During the session with Thae, Pompeo discussed whether conditions inside North Korea were ripe for an uprising against Kim by the military, security, or political officials, according to intelligence officials familiar with the meeting.

Thae responded that he believed conditions within North Korea were conducive to such an insurrection.
There is much more.

I suspect that even the suggestion of such a campaign will unleash mass paranoia among the North Korean leadership.  If they fear that some lowly professor could overthrow their government, imagine how those fear would magnify of they thought the CIA was out to get them.


  1. No, the CIA is much too busy engineering a coup in the US against the democratically elected President.


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