Bill Clinton, not Richard Nixon was only other President to fire FBI director

Erick Erickson:
While the FBI was investigating Bill Clinton for the White Water corruption situation, President Clinton fired the FBI Director. The media took President Clinton’s actions at face value. They did not question him. In fact, conservatives who raised red flags were dismissed. Today, we get to see what happens when a Republican does what Bill Clinton did.

The hysterics from the left over Donald Trump firing James Comey would be silly, except that many reporters who shape the news are part of that contingent. Witness Jeffrey Toobin, a leftist who CNN gives the veneer of objectivity to, railing about the President of the United States exercising lawful constitutional duty to fire a man many on the left wanted fired. Who is now in charge of the FBI after this? A Democrat whose wife’s run for the Virginia Senate was supported by Clintonites. Yes friends, in the hysteria of claims about Russia, everyone ignored who now runs the FBI. The man is not exactly Trump friendly.
The preponderance of the evidence, however, suggests the President did fire Comey based on the advice of senior Department of Justice officials and not on his own. The preponderance of evidence does suggest that Trump fired Comey because of his botched testimony before congress about Huma Abedin and his handling, in general, of the Clinton email situation. And yes, the preponderance of evidence suggests it was not a coverup considering Andrew McCabe is now in charge of the FBI.
 It is ironic that while Clinton is blaming Comey for her loss, Democrats are reacting as if his firing is a "constitution crisis."  BTWm McCade is a Democrat whose wife was funded by Clinton pal and the current governor of Virginia in a race in that state.


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