Appeal court still hasn't recognized the precedent set by the Supreme Court in the Obamacare case

Washington Post:
Justice Dept. is pressed to explain travel ban to the appeals court that Trump often criticizes

The three-judge 9th Circuit panel focused on frequent comments Trump made during the campaign about wanting a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States. One judge asked, “Has the president ever disavowed his campaign statements?”
Before the Supreme Court decision in Obamacare, neither the Democrat sin Congress or President Obama disavowed their statements that the individual mandate was not a tax.  But the court found that it was in order to save that sorry piece of legislation.  The point is that the courts are not bound by campaign statements and must look at the four corners of the documents for its meaning.  The 9th Circuit and other courts are just ignoring the Supreme Court precedent because they don;t like the policy of the Trump administration.


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