Another Afghanistan troop surge?

NY Times:

Trump Advisers Call for More Troops to Break Afghan Deadlock

With the president expected to make a decision on his Afghan strategy this month, senior officials are recommending deploying several thousand additional American troops.
Obama has not received nearly enough criticism for his decisions to pull out troops before the war is over.  It was a disastrous mistake in Iraq that has cost thousands of lives and continues to do so today.  He also squandered gains earned in blood in Afghanistan by prematurely starting a troop withdrawal before the Taliban had been defeated.

You win wars by persuading the enemy that his cause if hopeless.  Obama too often gave the enemy reason for hoping that the US would just leave and let them take over again.  Now the US faces the need to reintroduces forces to the areas they once controlled before one of Obama's retreats.  That will be his legacy in the war against radical Islam.


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