Al Qaeda quiz refutes contention that it has nothing to do with Islam

Al Qaeda has started reaching out for recruits in Yemen by handing out quiz sheets, with an AK-47 assault rifle as top prize, residents and media said on Thursday.

Militants have been touring the southwestern city of Taiz in the build-up to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, putting up posters advertising the contest, residents reported.

They encourage people to pick up the sheets from group members. Most of the questions focus on the organization's interpretation of Islam.

"Name three articles of the (Yemeni) constitution which contradict Islamic Law," read one on a sheet seen by Reuters.

"Any person who follows a law other than Islamic law is an infidel who must be killed. List three (scriptural) references for this," asked another.

The first prize was a Chinese-made AK-47, the second a motorcycle and the third a laptop.

Others included a pistol and cash prizes of 20,000 rials ($80).
This seems to make it pretty clear that the organization is Islamist at its core and it is searching for like-minded Islamists.


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