What did Obama know and when did he know about Rice's unmasking operation?

Daily Mail:
State Department insiders have discussed Susan Rice's role in unmasking names 'for weeks' – and Obama MUST have known – says Trump NATO ambassador pick
  • Richard Grenell is expected to be nominated to serve as U.S. NATO ambassador
  • He says Susan Rice's role in unmasking Americans' names from classified foreign intelligence reports has been long discussed in State Department circles
  • Grenell believes the incidental collection of intel on Americans in Donald Trump's inner circle was weaponized into leaks meant to hurt the Republican
  • The former UN mission spokesman says if Rice was at the center of a plot to leak classified intel, former president Barack Obama must have been aware of it
  • Grenell first floated Rice's name, along with that of her political deputy Ben Rhodes, as potential culprits ten days ago 
It would not surprise me to learn that Obama told her to do it.  Perhaps this is the reason he is hanging out on an island in the South Pacific.


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