Trump keeps future Syrian policy close to the vest

NY Times:

Many Voices Are Heard on Syria Policy, but Trump Is Silent

  • Administration officials have described starkly different foreign policies since last week’s cruise missile strike.
  • President Trump has not spoken publicly about Syria since the strike, leaving world leaders and American lawmakers wondering how the United States will proceed.
This is a case where Trump's unpredictability may be a virtue.  I think he is more concerned about sending a message to Moscow and Syria and it has been consistent.  Future WMD attacks will not be tolerated.  He has also put Russia and Syria on the defensive and they are telling the world who they are as they defend the indefensible.  Are they really going to come to the UN and say their ally has the right to use sarin gas on noncombatants?

I suspect that Trump is taking counsel from Mattis and McMaster on this one.


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