The liberal media ignores story Rice unmasking of Trump transition team

Washington Post:
White House decries media’s ‘lack of interest’ in reports of Obama officials spying

Sean Spicer said he would not comment on a report that President Barack Obama’s national security adviser had requested that the intelligence community provide names of Trump associates whose conversations with foreigners were intercepted.
This is as close as you will come to even touching on the story about Susan Rice unmasking of Trump team members who had discussions with foreigners.  Neither the Post or the NY Times have really gone after the story.  I suspect it is because Rice may have been a source for some of their stories attacking the Trump team either directly or indirectly.

There seems to be not a hint of curiosity about whether Obama knew and approved of the unmasking of political opponents by the intelligence agencies. This is a major scandal and the mainstream media is trying to ignore it.


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