Susan Rice non denial denial

Washington Examiner:
When former national security adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday claimed, "I leaked nothing to nobody," she conjured at least two misdirections to throw investigators off the scent of actions she may have taken improperly to "unmask" Americans surveilled by federal intelligence agencies.

The first misdirection was in her grammar and syntax. If you say you've done nothing to nobody you are, strictly, admitting the very thing you ostensibly deny. A single negative — I did nothing to anybody — is a real denial. A double negative negates the denial.

But let's give Rice the benefit of the doubt and assume her nothing-to-nobody solecism was merely the sort error no one corrects at Washington Cathedral School, or Stanford and Oxford Universities, all of which she attended. So she was poorly educated; that's not a crime.

But what about her mention of leaking? Denying that she leaked the identities of Americans is not the same as denying she shared those identities with others. Who said anything about leaking? As national security adviser she was not necessarily leaking if or when she disclosed identities to other officials.
There were a lot of grammatical holes in her denial.  It looks like another attempt by her to deceive.  When you consider her previous statements that she knew nothing about the unmasking she participated in, Rice has a serious credibility problem.


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