Nork paranoia and paradox

NY Times:

The North Korea Paradox: Weakness Is Dangerous

How can a small, poor country keep defying American presidents? Its leaders see nuclear and missile programs as the only ways to preserve their rule, and that robs the world of good options.
North Korea is ruled by a cult that thinks everyone is out to get them, and they keep doing things to make that a reality.  As a piece of real estate, the area occupied by North Korea is of little importance to most people in the world.  Its main importance to China is that it could be used as an invasion route, but no one is really interested in invading China these days either.

And no one is really interested in occupying that real estate for any reason other than stopping the paranoid rulers from attempting to launch a nuclear war.  Its closest neighbors fear, other than a nuclear attack, is mainly that they will have to deal with millions of refugees if the paranoid leadership of North Korea collapses.


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